In the previous article, we talked to you about the specific content of wood veneer, but relatively speaking, the demand is not very obvious. A friend left a message saying that the merchants provide wood veneer and wall panels. What is the difference between the two? Which one is better for DIY on a low budget? Let’s take a look together.

1. Definition of wood veneer and wall siding
First of all, let’s talk about wood veneer, which is generally used to decorate and protect walls, furniture, etc. It is better to use natural solid wood to cut into thin slices. and then stick it on the plywood, which can be attached to the wall or the furniture. surface. It is suitable for stone, porcelain board, metal, wood, etc. However, many owners worry that the quality of the glue is not good enough, and the problem of formaldehyde is difficult to solve, so they rarely use it.

Wall siding, also known as skirtings, and wall panels (more common in the American style, French style).like its name, is mainly used to protect the wall. Generally, wood is used as the base material, which has the characteristics of lightweight, fire resistance, and moth resistance. the advantages of convenient construction, low cost, obvious decorative effect, and convenient maintenance. Not only can it replace wood veneer, wallpaper, wall tiles, and other decoration materials, but also has a wider range of applications.

2. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages
Wood veneer can make the decoration of the space more coordinated, and add a simple and natural atmosphere to the family; construction is more convenient (paste method and hanging method, more choose the latter); artificial wood veneer has rich patterns and colors; The defect lies in the formaldehyde content and harmful volatiles that many owners are worried about.
The wall siding has excellent sound insulation ability; strong impact resistance and wears resistance; no skin and no interlayer, so the products produced use a small amount of glue; strong thermal insulation ability; however, the decorative style is difficult to match the simple and brisk home style.

3. Difference
1. The functions of the two are different. Wood veneer is a surface material with both decoration and protection; wall siding can protect the wall and block wall defects
the effect of defects.
2. price difference. The price of wood veneer is relatively cheap, and the material is relatively thin, so the protective effect is not strong enough; the price of wall siding is high, and the material is thicker and harder, although it takes up space, it can protect the wall.
3. Different styles fit. The installation requirements of wood veneer are not high, which is suitable for the modern minimalist style; the matching lines of the wall panel are suitable for gorgeous and high-end style.
If you want your home to be fuller and softer, you can consider these two materials appropriately. After all, in areas with relatively humid climates, wall paint and wall coverings are prone to moisture and mildew.

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