sandwich panel

In the past, the exterior walls of buildings were often painted to increase the aesthetic feeling and strengthen the protection. However, after a long time of exposure to the sun and the wind, the color will fall off and become even more ugly. Later, they began to use the exterior wall tiles, which have a variety of patterns and colors, and are beautiful. However, with the passage of time, the exterior wall tiles will still fall off. Now, when using sandwich panels, they are not only beautiful in appearance, but also stronger and more durable than ceramic tiles without falling off.

What advantages do they have compared with ceramic tiles?

1. The sandwich panel has a large area, which is very simple and convenient for construction. It is directly fixed on the concrete and fixed with screws. Unlike ceramic tiles, which need to be pasted one by one with cement.

2. The construction can be carried out all year round without seasonal restrictions. Ceramic tiles can only be constructed in specific seasons to avoid affecting the use effect. In addition, the pattern and color of the sandwich panel are also particularly rich, which can maintain its beauty for a long time. It has a strong decorative effect and can be well combined with different architectural styles. Compared with ceramic tiles, it is not only very beautiful in appearance, but also has good sound insulation performance, flame retardant performance and good thermal insulation.

Users can freely match luxurious and beautiful visual effects according to the patterns and colors of the sandwich panel, making the building look grand and high-grade. Moreover, the installation is very simple and convenient, which is also its advantage.

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