• Q:How long sandwich panel lasts outside without bleaching?
    A:The outer metal layer can not rust for 45 years, and the paint color can not fade for 15 years.
  • Q:How to install doors and windows?
    A:Cut to the right length and connect with door and window bag accessories.

  • Q:How to install at the corner of the wall?
    A:Use large corners and yin and yang corner accessories to connect corners.
  • Q:Can I get samples for inspection?
    A:We will provide free samples to you before order confirmation.
  • Q:Can sandwich panel be used to directly build a house?
    A:Yes, sandwich panel can be used to build light steel villas. The board is installed on light steel structures, with strong
  • Q:Can sandwich panel be used on the roof?
    A:Sandwich panel can be used on the inside of the roof, it is not recommended for use on the outside of the roof
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