PVC panel factory

Over the years, although most building materials and technologies have made great progress in the past few decades. It is never easy to get a high-quality house at the right price.so everyone is likely to have his own dream house.


Among the most common materials, PVC can be found at any time. PVC is usually used in construction projects because of its reasonable price and strong characteristics. PVC can exist in the form of pipes, wires and PVC panels. PVC cables are treated with lubricants, plasticizers, UV stabilizers, impact modifiers and other additives. It should be noted that many chemicals are used in PVC panels or any PVC product. The characteristic of PVC is that it can be used under various conditions.It is not very friendly to the environment.


Polyethylene is another highly used plastic product. Generally speaking, it can exist in the form of polyethylene sheet (or film) and be used in a series of commercial and industrial activities. Polyethylene sheets are commonly used for weather protection, renovation works.but they can also be used in agriculture. Polyethylene is also manufactured in the form of panels and is widely used in construction. You can find some PVC panels in heqid, and we will be able to provide you with high-quality services, high-quality prices, and more importantly, high-quality products.

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