It’s time for a new wallboard. Is it time for the kitchen to take on a new look, or is it time to add a special wall?

How to choose a proper wall panel?

We have developed guidelines for these four stages to help you create the perfect new room you imagine.

Color – when designing a room, you should give priority to the color theme. Whether there is only one color in the whole room, or the contrast color is used for the relative walls, which has a great impact on the whole design style. It also determines what kind of wall panels you use.

Finish – do you care about gloss, high gloss or matte finish of wall panels? This is often overlooked. But the reflective intensity of the wallboard will greatly affect the appearance of the whole wall.

Panel type – there are two main types of decorative panels. Heqid recommends that you use the current mainstream hollow wallboard. The strength of hollow wall panels is derived from internal filler materials, such as sandwich panels. WPC wallboard and PVC wallboard have more advantages in material modeling.

Panel size -250mm, 400mm, 1000mm? The wallboard has a variety of sizes to choose from, which will affect the wall integrity of the whole wall.

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